Dental Infection Control Loganville Ga


We take Infection Control seriously at Eastside Dentistry:

Infection control are certain procedures that are implemented so proper precautions in the health care setting are taken to prevent the spread of infection or disease. As your professional Family Dentistry in Loganville, GA, we care about your safety and your personal health. We work hard to prevent the spread of infection or disease by strictly following the dental guidelines provided by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

Before any of our patients enter an examination room, all surfaces (dental chairs, dental light, counters, drawer handles) within the examination room are cleaned and properly decontaminated. In addition to proper decontamination, we also take our infection control to the next level by  covering our equipment with protective covers which  are replaced after each patient.



At Eastside Dentistry proper infection control standards are maintained. All non-disposable dental tools are thoroughly cleaned and sterilized after  each patient examination and treatment. We keep our sterilized tools in an air tight pouch to prevent contact with any air borne germs. We NEVER re-use any disposable dental tools or needles on another patient.

Infection Control Health Services Loganvill GA

Our dental staff here at Eastside Dentistry is also required to wear appropriate, protective attire such as, gloves, masks, gowns, and protective eye wear when involved with patient care. When treatment is over, all disposable wear worn by staff is removed and thrown away after each patient. Before treating patients, our dental staff is required to wash their hands and wear a new pair of gloves.


Because you are more than just our patient, your well-being is important to   the doctor and our entire staff from start to finish. We take infection control seriously and will continue to use best practices every day.


If you have any questions regarding additional infection control, please feel free to talk to Dr. E during your visit.