What Is A Dental Filling?

At Eastside Dentistry, we recommend dental fillings as a method to restore teeth to their original form and shape.. The first step to receiving a dental filling is to go through a dental evaluation so that Dr. E can detect cavities caused by tooth decay   and determine the  extent of damage. After a thorough evaluation and a dental filling is in need, Dr. E will gently go in and remove the decayed portion and clean the tooth. The tooth is then “filled” for support.

Fillings is considered as a treatment option for repairing cracked or broken teeth or teeth that have been worn down due to misuse from biting nails, teeth grinding, etc.

Advantages Of Dental Fillings- Loganville, GA

  • Dental fillings are strong and durable, allowing you to chew normally
  • Take one visit for procedure
  • Usually less expensive of treatment methods
  • Minimal to no shrinking
  • Prevention of further decay from occurring
  • Do not have to repair or replace as often


After Care For Your Dental Filling:

After the procedure, you may experience mild tooth pain and temporary sensitivity. If any of these occur for an extended period of time, it is always best to reach out to Dr. E for a follow up examination. Following proper oral hygiene is ALWAYS recommended to help prolong the life of your dental filling. By visiting your Family Dentist Loganville, GA for your dental cleanings, proper daily brushing, and flossing at least once daily, your filling will last many years.

If at any time you notice or suspect that your filling may be cracked, which can allow debris and saliva to seep into into the tooth where the filling is, contact us immediately. Dr. E will be recommend you coming into the office to have x-rays taken to help assess any possible damage.

Prevention Is Key!

For almost six decades, many successful preventative measure have been proven to help reduce oral infections and disease. The best way to reduce your chances of dealing with oral problems is to practice proper preventative steps daily! Review the following to help improve your oral hygiene:

  • Brush two times- daily (preferably with a fluoride toothpaste)
  • Floss daily prior to brushing
  • Eat a healthy, balanced diet (You are what you eat!)
  • Visit your professional dentist regularly for routine check ups
  • Ask your dentist about preferable methods of treatment customized to your oral care
  • Ask your dentist about dental sealants


To learn more about how a dental filling can help restore your tooth and prevent further decay, contact us today at our Loganville location. To schedule your next dental examination, feel free to use our online scheduling today!