At Eastside Dentistry- Loganville, GA, we are proud to offer the following advance technology to accommodate necessary dental procedures within one office.

Digital Dental X-Rays

There are times when dental X-rays may be needed in order to review any underlying issues prior to treatment. As an advanced dental office in Loganville, GA, we offer digital X-rays for your convenience. Why is this a benefit for you? Unlike traditional dental X-rays that use photographic film, digital X-rays use sensors, which gives you an advantage in the time in which you receive your results. Since they do not have to be chemically processed results are able to be reviewed faster and more efficiently.

Finally, the advance sensor technology and digital imaging allows us to enlarge your images for a closer review, gives us the ability to add special image processing techniques to enhance the overall display, and allows us to transfer files easier when needed.

For more information on our digital X-ray processing, feel free to contact us today to speak with one of our specialists.

Intraoral Camera

Prior to any treatment, we are dedicated to educating every patient on their current oral health and thoroughly explaining why a particular treatment has been chosen. In order to do this efficiently, we use a definitive tool known as Intraoral Camera to generate enhanced images, with remarkable clarity, for all practioner-patient communication. The Intraoral Camera offers what is known as a large depth-of-view that is necessary to review both intraoral and extraoral images. Having this technology available to our patients allows them to truly see the reasoning behind upcoming procedures.

For additional information regarding the Intraoral Camera procedure, please feel free to contact our specialists today or schedule your next consultation with Dr. E!

Oral Cancer Screening System (Identafy)

For more information on our Oral Cancer Screening system- Identafy, review our preventative dental treatment page. For additional questions, feel free to contact us directly or schedule your next appointment with Dr. E today!