Professional Teeth Whitening Loganvilla, GA


Why Professional Teeth Whitening?

As life goes on, simple habits such as drinking coffee,tea or wine, smoking cigarettes, consuming food that contain dye on a regular basis  can easily discolor  our teeth , leaving an unpleasant stain on  our once loved smile. In addition to daily activities contributing to the discoloration  of our teeth, our teeth naturally darken as we age, which sometimes leads to loosing  self confidence ! At Eastside Dentistry, we offer our patients professional teeth whitening treatments at an affordable cost, so that every patient has the option to regain their once loved smile back instantly!

When deciding on whitening your teeth, there are two forms offered for treatment. There’s professional teeth whitening by your professional cosmetic dentist and then there’s the over the counter method with strips, etc.


As teeth whitening becomes more and more popular, there are more options available to consumers. Over the counter teeth whitening products are becoming popular due to the fact they are convenient, inexpensive, and a good way to try teeth whitening with very little commitment. Though these seem simple enough, the disadvantages of these over the counter products may outweigh their benefits. Over the counter products are difficult to use, very time consuming, and unfortunately only come in a “one size fits all” format. They harm your gums and teeth if the concentration of whitening agent is too high for your teeth.This makes it extremely difficult for users to receive maximum results and could leave some users with uneven results.


Benefits of Selecting Professional Teeth Whitening:

The number one benefit of selecting professional teeth whitening is that it is completely tailored to your teeth, unlike over the counter treatments. Professional teeth whitening is completely tailored to your teeth and last longer making your investment worth it in the end.

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Finally, another popular benefit of selecting teeth whitening by your professional Loganville dentist is that we can tailor the treatment methods to your sensitivity, whereas over the counter treatments cannot be administered in this manner. As your Family Dentist in Loganville, GA, we understand that teeth are unique to each individual.  That’s why we do a thorough check up, take impressions of your teeth and make customized trays for you. Your rays and the professional whitening solution will be ready for pick up in two days. We follow up after the tooth whitening  treatment is completed and take care of teeth that turn sensitive due to the whitening gel.



Product Over View: Perfecta Rev Premiere Dental Whitening

Perfecta RevWe have selected Perfecta Rev Premiere Dental Whitening due to its enhanced formula containing 14% hydrogen-peroxide and is a water based gel, which helps to aid with sensitivity, while still providing fast results. It is the first 15 minute, once a day tooth whitening treatment that our patients can take home with them. The product includes the whitening gel and the finishing rinse that helps to enhance results and removes gel residual. Perfecta Rev also contains vitamin C and refreshes with a cool minty flavor, leaving it ideal to use before your day begins! Results are expected to last over 2 years with proper care.


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