Root Canal Loganville Dentist


 What Is A Root Canal?

Root canals may be an option for treatment when a tooth is severely damaged or decayed  and as a result, needs repair in order to save the tooth. A root canal procedure consists of the careful removal of the tooth’s nerve and pulp. Once removed, the inside of the tooth is then cleaned and all decay is removed. In the event that you decide to not have the root canal performed, you risk abscesses and infection in the tissue surrounding the decayed tooth.




Does The Removal Of The Root Effect The Health Of My Tooth?

Once the tooth has emerged through the gum tissues, the nerve in each tooth is not vitally important to the tooth’s health or function. The nerve   only provides the sensation you feel when consuming hot or cold items. Therefore, the loss of the nerve will not effect day-to-day functioning.


What Are The Signs & Symptoms Of Needing A Root Canal?

At times, signs and symptoms may be subtle at first, but if you start to notice the following, contact your professional dentist immediately:

  • Severe pain when chewing or with any application of pressure
  • Extensive sensitivity when consuming hot or cold items after the item has been removed
  • Darkening (discoloration) of the infected tooth
  • Tenderness or the gum tissue
  • Swelling of the gum tissue
  • Formation of pimples on the gum tissue

 What Happens During A Root Canal?

Root canals requires a minimum of two office visits to complete the procedure. Your root canal will either be performed by your professional dentist or an endodontist (a dentist that specializes in the treatment and functioning of the tooth’s pulp and nerve). Depending on the severity of the damage, it will determined who is better to perform your root canal. Before treatment, Dr. E will go over all treatment options fully and help you to select the best option.

Root Canal Basics Loganville Dentist



During your first visit in our Loganville dental office, x-rays will be taken to view the shape of the root canal. This will also help to determine additional infections, if any, surrounding the bone structure. Dr. E will then use a local anesthetic to numb the area surrounding the tooth.

Next, Dr. E will place a rubber dam around the tooth to help keep the treatment area dry during operation. After the area is properly prepped, an access hole is then gently drilled into the infected tooth. Dr. E will then gently remove the pulp, any bacteria, and the decayed nerve from the tooth, leaving the tooth completely clean. After the tooth is thoroughly cleaned, Dr. E will then seal it and place a temporary filling in the access  hole to help keep out contaminants from entering in between appointments.



Your final appointment will consist of filling the interior of the tooth by using a sealer paste. A rubber compound is then placed into the root canal for support. The filling is then placed to fill the exterior hole. Additional restorations  such as a dental crown is needed to help protect the tooth.

For additional information regarding treatment options, pricing, and after care for your root canal procedure, contact our Loganville office today! If you need an appointment, feel free to schedule with us online as well.