Does Eastside Dentistry File Dental Insurance For Patients?

At Eastside Dentistry, we do file dental insurance as a courtesy to our patients. Though we file for yours, we cannot be 100% certain on how your insurance company will handle its claims or what benefits they will pay on your dental claim. We are always happy to help assist you in estimating your portion of treatment cost. We strive to do our best to provide an accurate estimate prior to treatment(s).

Is Dental Insurance The Same As Medical Insurance?

Dental insurance and medical insurance are designed completely different with separate intentions. The main difference is that medical insurance is designed to cover a majority of the costs for treatment, whereas dental insurance is designed as a supplemental aid to each individual’s cost. At Eastside Dentistry, complete treatment plan will be made based on individual treatment needs and explained to the patient. Along with that cost and various payment options are also discussed so that the patient is aware of the cost of treatment before starting any procedure.

Is Eastside Dentistry In My Network?

At Eastside Dentistry, we participate as an “In-Network” practice with insurance companies. Below is a list of our insurance networks that we currently work with:

  • Aetna
  • Cigna
  • Delta Dental
  • Metlife
  • United Concordia
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of GA
  • Delta Care
  • Humana
  • Humana One
  • Comp Benefits
  • Cariengton
  • Coventry
  • Maverest
  • Ameritas


We also accept additional insurance plans, so please feel free to contact us today for more information! If you are a New Patient, please feel free to download your new patient forms online and fill them out before your dental appointment! Thank you and we look forward to seeing you and your family soon!

What Happens If My Treatment Is Not Covered By My Insurance?

Unfortunately, there may be some dental procedures or treatments that you may need, but may not be covered by your insurance company. In the event that your treatment is NOT covered by your insurance provider, please keep in mind that insurance companies’ main concern is providing limited benefits and not concerned about optimal coverage for care. If this occurs, we have financial options to help you and your family so you can still receive the required treatment. We are committed to provide the absolute best care to our patients and never want an insurance company to hold you back from receiving the care that is needed.

For additional information, feel free to contact us for an appointment with Dr. E to discuss your financial and treatment options.